Knowledge and skills bring us closer to a better future

Founder's letter

At Fundação José Neves our mission is to transform Portugal into a “knowledge nation”, through education and human development.

Our Foundation is meant to be disruptive and improve lives.

Our ambition is to help elevate Portugal's position in international rankings of education and human development within the next 20 years.

We believe that, in order to reach the development stratosphere, we must have a differentiating strategy and invest considerable resources that will allow us to make an impact in areas that are essential for everyone, such as education, citizenship and social equality.

My commitment as Founder is to provide the Foundation with two thirds of my assets during my lifetime, so we can pursue our mission. We will focus the Foundation's resources on education, with a strong focus on the skills of the future and the digital world, to anticipate and prepare for the changes that lay ahead.

By making knowledge the engine of transformation for a better future, we are opening the door to a more developed Portugal. We will invest in education with a particular emphasis on making lifelong learning a social norm, increasing access to knowledge and developing the personal and professional skills of those willing to join our movement.

We want our enthusiasm to reach all areas of activity. Portugal may not have the natural resources to compete globally, but it does possess the human potential and intellectual power to compete for leadership status in the digital world.

Our strategic vision is anchored on four pillars that guide our activity:

  1. Advance access to education, through innovative and non-profit financing solutions for students we are broadening the access to quality education and the opportunities of the future with a strong focus on lifelong learning and the development of human potential.
  2. Develop the skills of the future, by identifying and promoting the skills of the future at all stages in life; by raising awareness to the importance of reskill and upskill; and by becoming a driving force in the field of education.
  3. Challenge our educational status-quo, by spotlighting new ways of teaching that will accelerate our society’s transition into the digital age; by making lifelong learning the social norm; and by aligning what you learn with the challenges of the future.
  4. Promote the importance of personal development, and of the intellectual and spiritual dimensions of knowledge, thus strengthening one’s human, moral and ethical sides; by raising awareness to core values that guide us as a society.

This has been the journey of our founding team, a path open to everyone. José Neves, Carlos Oliveira and António Murta’s strategy for Fundação José Neves is based on the same entrepreneurial spirit, strategic vision and passion that have always guided their personal and professional lives.

Our mission is to be a force of change and contribute Portugal's transformation into one of the most developed countries in the world. We will do so following a set of values that are changing the way companies and institutions are managed. It is not enough for us to succeed in “what” we do, but also in “how” we do it.

For the sake of Portugal and the Portuguese,
José Neves