The future is simple ____ If you can keep up

The evolution of technology and the digital economy continue to shape our world. This new, more fluid landscape evolves every days and redesigns how we perform even the most mundane tasks. Keeping up requires combined efforts from corporations, nonprofit organizations, education providers and governmental institutions. We’re working together to build a future where opportunities are open to everyone.

Working together for the advancement of Portugal

The need to adapt, to anticipate the forces of the future. Education providers, corporations, governmental bodies, nonprofit organizations: we all have a role to play in accelerating Portugal’s Human Development through a more forward-looking Education. While building a more competitive society we will continue to advocate the importance identifying and acquiring the skillset of the future and lifelong learning.

Re-designing education for employment

We want to contribute to the pool of educational resources, to the skills of the future and to higher employment rates. We are working to align education with the real needs of the job market by developing skilled professionals in areas where talent is scarce. With clear, actionable information, we hope to make a contribution to the future of those living and working in Portugal.

Anticipating the Job market of tomorrow

Many companies have been forced to rapidly transform their operations, creating new talent needs in the process. These represent important opportunities for a more competitive future, but also add pressure to the current workforce with job titles being created, adapted or, in extreme cases, eliminated. We are open to collaborate with organizations looking to define the skills of the future, generate learning opportunities and align talent supply and demand.

Become a partner

We are developing an unique project. As we proceed with our journey, we will be sharing what we achieve with the world. We are open to collaboration in projects that pursue the same great objective, to develop Portugal through education, and that focus on developing human potential through the skills of the future. We are building a network of partnerships with public and private entities that support and develop their activity in the field of education, innovation and technology.

Shared values that bring us together

Join us

Take part in this transformative journey. We are counting on all those who share our purpose
For Education Providers

Shaping the future of Education

We are open to partnerships with institutions investing in education for employment.

We are committed to the alignment of education with the real needs of the job market. To this end, we created tools that promote access to courses focused on the skills in the future. Those enrolled in any of Fundação José Neves' education partners are eligible for an ISAº FJN - a financing solution that covers students' tuition fees until they're employed and can pay us back.

Interested in partnering with FJN?

_ ISA FJN | We cover the cost of tuitions until students are in a financial situation to pay us back

_ Brighter Future | Reliable information on skill, jobs and salaries

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For Companies

Access the skills of the futur

We are open to work with companies to identify the skills were talent is scarcer and pinpoint the most sought-after profiles of the future.

FJN develops tools to support the upskill and reskill of the current workforce as well as lifelong learning. By encouraging access to continued training, companies can prepare their employees for the challenges ahead.

_ Brighter Future | Navigate the future of work
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For Institutional Partners and other Foundations

We are open to partner with public or private entities, in the fields of education, employment and the digital economy and whose projects and ideas are directly linked to our areas of operation.

Our common goal is to become a driving force for Portugal's human development.

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Our partner network

Our partner network

Technological Partners
Institutional Partners
Educational Partners
Friends of Fundação José Neves

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Iniciativas e projetos em parceria com a FJN


A Fundação José Neves é parceira da Iniciativa PSuperior, o primeiro grande programa de literacia mediática do Público para os Estudantes Universitários que visa impactar milhares de alunos finalistas.

O objetivo é acelerar a literacia mediática contribuindo para a valorização das fontes credíveis para a tomada de boas decisões.

A Fundação José Neves irá garantir a oferta de 1000 assinaturas a estudantes finalistas universitários, para contribuir para uma sociedade de conhecimento e trazer todos para este percurso transformador com a verdade dos factos e do conhecimento.