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For those who live and work in Portugal. Our ambition is to transform our country into a new nation, where knowledge is the most valuable asset. We are making it possible for everyone to grow personally and professionally with tools and information open to all.

"I want to provide my country with broader access to education", José Neves

We are breaking down the barriers that stifle education in Portugal so everyone can develop the skills that matter to the future of Portugal.

I'm a student chasing a dream

As a student, you’ll need the right set of tools and data to support life-altering decisions and make your professional ambitions come true.

Before you can decide which skills to develop or courses to enroll, you should know what the market landscape looks like. You’ll need factual, relevant, unbiased data that you can rely on. This is our vision and we’re making it real by developing open, free, digital tools that do just that.

I'm starting my professional career

After completing your college degree, you might be tempted to set books aside while you focus on your next challenge. At this point in time, your job will probably demand a "go get them" attitude that will help you navigate daily hurdles.

The start of a professional career can be daunting, given all the years you've spent preparing for this particular moment. At this point in time, many recent graduates find out that the skills they need don't exactly match what they learned.

To help you power through this sensitive time, we can provide concrete information on what companies actually need, now and in the years to come; which skills are required and what the labor market is actually looking for. So you can start your career with fewer surprises.

I'm looking to revamp my career

Our fast-chaning world requires us to change with it. As a skilled professional, you experience this in every meeting and project. You see it happening but what can be done to keep up? These changes require us to act, to take steps in order to stay updated so we can continue to make a positive contribution in our professional lives.

Learning is a never ending life journey, it's the sum total of the skills we acquire through years of experience and training.

The need to upgrade or acquire new skills is ageless. It will never come at the right moment. It's not just for some and it's never a waste of time. It is a personal decision rooted in the fact that the world is changing fast.

Avoiding obsoletion and pursuing a happier life requires all of us to abide by a simple rule: never stop learning.

Um futuro melhor onde todos possam aprender com paixão para impactar a felicidade em Portugal

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For those who never want to stop learning. Start your journey towards the skills of the future.
For those who want to keep learning
Take your education to the next level before entering the job market

If you’ve just completed a college degree, you probably worry about landing a job that meets your expectations. We want to give those about to enter the job market a better shot at finding the right job.

By choosing to enrich your academic portfolio you can find your passion, leverage your unique talents and differentiate yourself from other candidates.

As a student it’s important to take into consideration what the market requires so you can develop your unique set of skills. As a recent graduate, you’ve probably experienced that the requirements of the job market are oftentimes different than those you trained for. Even in highly employable courses from leading universities, chances are you witnessed a clear gap between what was taught and what was required on the job.

The world is facing a large-scale, fast paced transition, impacting workforces, policy makers, and companies across the globe. To stand out, take your education to the next level before entering the job market, by acquiring the skills that will make you a value adding resource to any forward-looking company. Big picture? Finishing a college degree means you have just completed one challenge and are about to start a new one. Be prepared..

A Brighter Future awaits:

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Upskill to acquire more knowledge

As a seasoned professional, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the speed at which the job you signed up for keeps changing. You don’t have to go at it alone. We can help you stay on top of what’s changing in your role, strengthen your knowledge base and open doors to greater personal fulfilment. All you need is a desire to keep learning.

Lifelong learning is the path to staying productive, competitive, and driven throughout your life. It’s also a safeguard against changes in the market and a way to access new professional opportunities, however they may come.

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Tailor your talents

Market requirements are changing fast. New jobs demand new skills and talents. As a result, previously undetected needs are added to existing roles and job descriptions are created seemingly overnight as companies struggle to cope. Whether you're a student, a recent graduate or a mid-career professional, responding to a changing landscape will require you to align your skills and talents with market demands.

A path to a Brighter Future:

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